April on the Isle of Skye

16 April 2015 . . . . Late getting started this year, partly due to the cold and wet weather; but Coltsfoot, Lesser Celandine and Primrose have been flowering for some time and I recently saw Common Dog Violet, Marsh Marigold, Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower), Barren Strawberry, Wood Anemone and Wood Sorrel. Ramsons and Bluebells should be appearing soon. Butterflies are still fairly scarce - I've seen only a couple of Peacocks - but I heard a Willow Warbler singing this morning, so things are certainly taking off. The Celandine picture is by my good friend and otter spotter extraodinaire: Anne Marieke Booij.
Copyright: Ken Billington

Willow Warbler (Ken Billington)

Copyright: Anne Marieke Booij

Lesser Celandine

18 April 2015 . . . . Down at Camas na Sgianadin this morning and there are now lots of Willow Warblers around. Also heard my first Cuckoo of the year. The highlight, though, was hearing the lovely song of the Great Northern Diver.
Copyright: Dick Daniels

Great Northern Diver (Dick Daniels)

21 April 2015 . . . . Back to Camas na Sgianadin this morning and spotted the year's first Sandpiper. Went down to the Clan Donald Centre in the afternoon and saw the year's first white butterfly and also found Wild Strawberry in flower.
Copyright: Steve Terry

Green-veined White

Copyright: Steve Garvie

Common Sandpiper (Steve Garvie)

23 April 2015 . . . . Found three Emperor Moths in the trap this morning and also some eggs. Photos to follow if they hatch out!
Copyright: Steve Terry

Emperor Moth