May on the Isle of Skye

6 May 2020

HBRG are collecting data for a Highland wasp atlas, so we are all busy recording any wasps we see.

Tree Wasp

Tree Wasp

16 May 2020

The Cheilosia genus of hoverflies is the largest in Britain and identification to species is often challenging, so I was pleased to find one that wasn't too difficult.

Cheilosia fraterna

20 May 2020

One of the more easily recognisable micro-moths.

Micropterix aureatella

21 May 2020

In the past week I've seen both a male and a female Sphaerophoria hoverfly - a genus that exhibits striking sexual dimorphism.

Sphaerophoria (female)

Sphaerophoria (male)

25 May 2020

Today was another hoverfly day.

Dasysyrphus venustus agg.

Cheilosia albitarsis

Neoascia sp.

26 May 2020

A trip to Kinloch yielded my first Speckled Yellow of the year.

Speckled Yellow

27 May 2020

The Hawthorns are now in full bloom and I found a good site at Kilbride.

Cheilosia illustrata

Eristalis intricaria (on Willow)

27 May 2020

Back to Kilbride and my second Heliophilus species of the year.

Heliophilus trivittatus

30 May 2020

I don't normally take my camera on my morning dog walk, but today I did and was rewarded with my best record of the year so far. There is one recent record from Sutherland and a couple from the Uists, but the map of the Hoverfly Recording Scheme shows no other records from the North-West Highlands and Hebrides.

UPDATE: Neil tells me that he had two on Skye last year.

Tropidia scita

31 May 2020

I headed out to Kinloch after breakfast, hoping to add to my hoverfly list for the year. I recorded three new taxa and also saw my first damselfly of the year.

Sphegina sp.

Sphegina sp.

Large Red Damselfly

Speckled Wood