May on the Isle of Skye

1 May 2021

Overnight the temperature has risen about 10 degrees! Not surprisingly, this brought out a few butterflies.
I saw Small Tortoiseshell and Orange-tip in Broadford and then Orange-tip and Peacock at Skinadin.

Small Tortoiseshell

2 May 2021

Saw three new species of hoverfly this morning (Syrphus ribesii, Xylota segnis and a Neoascia. Also this weevil.

Hylobius abietes (Pine Weevil)

5 May 2021

An excellent day for new species. The weather was not quite as warm - around 16C seems to be ideal.

The hoverfly has rarely been seen in Scotland, with only three records on NBN.

Andrena scotica

Bibio leucopterus (f)

Pipiza luteitarsis (m)

10 May 2021

Another day of perfect weather!

Cionus scrophulariae

Nemotoda nitidula

11 May 2021

A beetle day.

Staphylinus erythropterus

Poecilus versicolor

12 May 2021

First damselfly of the year.

Large Red Damselfly