There are some 15 families in the sub-order Heteroptera, of which the most familiar are the Shieldbugs.

There are around 8 species of Shieldbug found in Scotland. They look somewhat like beetles but have sucking mouthparts instead of mandibles and their young (called nymphs) pass through several moults, becoming more like adults at each stage.


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Birch Shieldbug (Elasmostethus interstinctus) - late instar nymph


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Spiked Shieldbug (Picromerus bidens)


The large and diverse insect family Miridae contains the plant bugs, leaf bugs, and grass bugs, and may also be known as capsid bugs.
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Lygocoris rugicollis

Found on Salix species throughout the UK.

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Closterotomus norwegicus (Potato Capsid)

This common and widespread bug can be found in meadows and hedgerows across Britain, where it feeds on a wide range of plants, especially nettles, composites and clovers.

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Lygus wagneri

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Leptopterna ferrugata (female)

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