Mosses and liverworts

There are over 750 species of moss and nearly 300 species of liverwort in Britain. Mosses and liverworts are collectively known as bryophytes and are a prominent part of the landscape on Skye.

Mosses can be divided into acrocarps which grow upright and pleurocarps which have a prostrate habit.

acrocarps pleurocarps
Copyright: Steve Terry
Breutelia chrysocoma
Copyright: Steve Terry
Hylocomium splendens
Copyright: Steve Terry
Mnium hornum
Copyright: Steve Terry
Rhytidiadelphus loreus

Liverworts can be divided into leafy liverworts with a stem and leaves and thallose liverworts with no distinct stem or leaves.

thallose liverworts leafy liverworts
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Conocephalum conicum
Copyright: Steve Terry
Pleurozia purpurea

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